torstai 31. heinäkuuta 2014

Jenni Vartiainen- Wanaja Festival 10.07.2014

This time we have some cool pictures of Jenni Vartiainen from Wanaja Festival 2014

Dig it!

All pictures © Tomi Vesaharju

Grease Helmet - Wanaja Festival, 18.7.2014, Hämeenlinna

Grease Helmet

Grease Helmet took the stage early in first day of Wanaja Festival. Performing as the 4th act of the day.

Without further due, here are the pictures


All pictures © Tomi Vesaharju

Steve Conte solo acoustic show, On The Rocks, 12.7.2014, Helsinki, Finland

Sup there!

This time we'll concentrate on Mr. Steve Conte's 1st ever  from 12th of July. On The Rocks we're pretty packed that night and I had the privilege to take pictures during the show. Steve had some cool features during the set. We saw Rich Jones and Sami Yaffa from the Michael Monroe band there on stage as well as Eduardo Martinez from The Flaming Sideburns

Go check Steve's site here Follow him on Facebook and twitter as well!

All pictures © Tomi Vesaharju

tiistai 29. heinäkuuta 2014

Turisas Live Wanaja Festival 19.7.2014

Hi there!

Time for me to step into this wonderful world of blogging. This blog is about photography, obviously and mostly rock concert photography.

So, let's cut the story short. I had the privilege to handle some photography duties in this years Wanaja Festival here in my hometown Hämeenlinna. I did indeed shoot all the shows during the weekend, so I have pretty wicked pictures coming from Finland's top artists!

Time for the pictures then.. Ladies and Gents, I present thee Turisas!

All photopgraphs (C) Tomi Vesaharju