keskiviikko 25. helmikuuta 2015

Kaija Koo Live Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna 19.7.2014

Still have a few sets from last years Wanaja Festival to post so, here's some more from that Festival!

They have made some new announcements regarding this years festival, so head out to their site, buy tickets and see you there!

But until then. here's Kaija Koo

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

torstai 19. helmikuuta 2015

Yö Live Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna 19.7.2014

We're back! Sorry for the lack of updates. I fell sick late last week and been just chillin' because of that, but now i'm feeling a bit better and decided to bring You another post of some kick ass live concert photographs.

And as Wanaja Festival just announced most of it's artist's for this summers festival I just had to release more pictures from last year to coincident that.

So, without further due, Ladies and Gentlemen, I present thee.. Yö!

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

torstai 12. helmikuuta 2015

Hybrid Children Live Sirkus Punk Festival, Hämeenlinna 29.3.2013

This one dates back for almost year ago, but as there are some kick ass photos to represent I decided to release them in here too. And all thought the image quality isn't perfect on these, since I only had my 60D back then, I think these images capture some of the basic elements of rock n' roll.

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

maanantai 9. helmikuuta 2015

Pää Kii Live Suisto Klubi, Hämeenlinna 24.1.2015

So this was part of the Punk Rock Xmas Vol. 3 tour (FB event page) that started 19.12.14 from turku and will end on the 21st of February 2015 in Seinäjoki. Pää Kii is headlining all 12 dates. Other bands varied on different dates, God Given Ass was opening the night here in Suisto Klubi. Gonna do another post on them maybe later this week. They were kickin' ass as well.

Ok, so the house was packed, The band was fuckin' on it, I dont' know if its appropriate to say this because we're talking about a punk band here, but the band was really delivering a solid mayhem out there on the stage, seemed like they we're really having fun playing. There were crowd surfing, broken glasses on the floor, people going crazy in the audience. Must say that it was the Best show that I've seen from them this far. I sure as hell had a blast!

Setlist on the evening was;

Paskahousun Paluu
Tuhoava Voima
Apinoiden Planeetalla
Kylän Pahalla Puolella
Aina Jonon Viimeinen
Ees Jotain Positiivista
Just Niin Kuin Elvis
Rakkaus Repii Meidät Kappaleiksi Taas (Otto)
Luuletsä Et Mä Oon Huvikseni Näin Sekasin
Kalifornia Dreaming
Kuuden Vuoden Vitutus
Nyt Skipataan Kahvit
Erilainen Lapsi
Kun tänään lähden (Otto)

So, a killer setlist was played and I was really stoked to hear "Aina jonon viimeinen" which has been my favorite for some time now.

And as You're watching the pics below, listen to a few new tunes from here and here

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju