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Happoradio, Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna 18.7.2014

Hi there!

Sorry that there were no blog entry last week, but life's been quite busy lately and um.... well, there's a lot goin' on.

But anyway, we're now here and this time around I'll bring you few shots from a band called Happoradio. A pretty wide known here in Finland and sporting some serious popularity in the mainstream media here.

I've heard them on radio but didn't really know them before. And as it was the first time i was shooting pics from them, and it was in festival circumstances it was a bit challenging, but I think i managed to get some good screens out of it.

What do You think?

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

keskiviikko 10. syyskuuta 2014

Haloo Helsinki, Kesäloma Express 1.6.2013, Hämeenlinna Finland

With this set we're going way back in to June 2013...

Before this event i really hadn't given any serious thought or concentration to this band. Their songs sounded ok, they were on the radio a lot and got more and more attention as the band grew and released more records and singles. And all tho they are no one hit wonders or a "stardust" band, they just had like disappeared from me in the musical field. Basically because I don't really listen to radio or follow mainstream music media in particular...  

But anyway, I was attending this end of school festival with my family so I thought that i'd take my camera equipment with me as there were some other bands as well and um.... I like to photograph shows. You see the point!

The reason for this foreword is that I just have to praise this band a bit more. They are really fuckin' great live band. It's always nice to see band that are living their dream, doin' what they really want, playing their hearts out with most sincere and pure way. This seems to be one of those bands. With this attitude and modesty in this one show they just simply won me over. 

The first idea was just to take couple of snaps in the start of the show as we had our kids with us and it was getting late, but as the show went on I just had to see it from start to finish. Gladly we had 2 cars and no kids were harmed during this show :) But were taken safely back to home and put to bed :)

So the show went on and man, they were tight! Just straight up played rock. They play together well and now what they are doing up there in the stage. Not to forget the stage presence that Elli has. Man! It sure is nice to see some equally talented front women in the, well male ruled biz.

So do yourself a favor and go and see / hear them live. Just do it!

They have a new album coming out, new single and video out plus a tour on the way. Go see them, support the music.

Official site here
Official Facebook site here

Oh! Here's the pics

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

keskiviikko 3. syyskuuta 2014

Lopun Ajan Mies

Lopun Ajan Mies

Lopun Ajan Mies is quite unknown folk / rock band from Finland. I have had the opportunity to capture few shows and this blog entry will focus on those.

I really enjoy what they are doing as a band and really, really hope that they get more recognition on what they are doing.

So if You get the chance on seeing them live, please go an see them. You won't be disappointed.

These images were taken on the following shows

Albertin Kellari, 29.05.2013
Ämy Rock 29.06.2013

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju