perjantai 29. elokuuta 2014

Lost Society Live Suisto Klubi, 1.8.2014, Hämeenlinna

Lost Society overtook the premises of Suisto Klubi here in Hämeenlinna couple weeks ago. Support act was a local band called Shoveltrapez. Band has since changed their name to The Priest. I'll do a dedicated post from them too, but now it's time for Lost Society.

The band was kinda new to me. I have heard the band name here and there every now and then, but never really took the time to get in to it. So now was the time. Go check them out and see them live. They deliver a hell of a show!

Nice to see that trash metal is in such a good hands!

Lost Society can be found here

and here's the pics

All this and everything else © Tomi Vesaharju

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