perjantai 23. tammikuuta 2015

Klamydia live at Wanaja Festival, Hämeenlinna 19.7.2015

I think this is my first time seeing Klamydia live. I know that at younger age I would have been much more in to it as I was now. Really haven't been following them that much since i was probably 16 or 17.  But that really doesn't count how my personal affections are now or were back when i was growing up, the only thing that in fact matters is that they are enjoying such a huge success nowadays. Which is cool and really well earned.

Much respect to the band for being what they are, not what the people expect. That staying true to yourself and doing what you like attitude, is really venerable. I know there are this one part of old fans singing this "they sold out" tune, which happens on all artists that make it but well, fuck them. That really doesn't count at all.

Life evolves, people evolve, life grows on you, gives you more perspectives which leads to the fact that yeah, bands evolve too. Theme's change, positions change. Hell, even band members change.

But hey, enough of my blabbering. Go see them live, buy their records and support the artists. That "diy" attitude really deserves your support to keep them going.

And yeah, remember to check those pictures below, too!

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